EACO coated Abrasives Belts are available in both paper and cloth ranging from 6 to 1400mm wide used in the Metal, Wood, Ceramic and Glass industries.


EACO has a large variety of Rolls for both hand and machine sanding in paper and cloth, any required width and length can be specially made, serving Workshops, Leather and General Manufacturing Companies.

EACO is the main supplier of Water Proof Silicon Carbide & Aluminum Oxide Paper to the Egyptian market in the form of sheets, Rolls and Discs covering the needs of the painting and Automotive Refinishing Industries. 


EACO produces Glass Paper Sheets dedicated to the Wood working and construction fields as well as the DIY market. 

Velcro, Self Adhesives sheets and Discs. Used in the automotive dry sanding and paint finishing.

EACO Flap wheels, the latest product manufactured successfully for the first time in Egypt are used in the automatic and manual grinding of profiled and flat components.


EACO has a big variety of Fiber Discs in Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide & Zirconia for grinding and polishing Metal and Stones such as Marble & Granite.

Cutting and Grinding Wheels  

Cutting and Grinding Wheels:
Our aim in this domain is to provide distinctive brands of high quality & good reputation in the market to meet the needs of leading enterprises.


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